Agua Magica Mezcal

Size: 750ml

Agua Mágica is an ultra-premium sipping mezcal crafted from high mountain Espadín and Tobalá agaves from San Juan del Río, Oaxaca. This mythical location is blessed with ideal natural elements for crafting the finest mezcal. The rich terroir and steep terrain help the agave increase its sugar concentration, developing a richer flavor.Agua Mágica is produced in small batches following the artisanal process by Maestro Mezcalero and brand partner Rogelio Juan Hernandez. We strive towards broadening opportunities to mezcaleros in Oaxaca donating 1 USD per bottle or 5% of our yearly profits to fund mezcal certifications of other small producers to keep artisanal production alive.

Smooth & flavorful mezcal, meant to enjoy during intimate moments and celebratory occasions, unfolding layers of fruits, almonds, caramel, and fresh herbal notes on the palate.