Fifty States Vodka

Size: 750ml

Fifty States Vodka is the Premium All American Gluten Free Vodka Produced and bottled in the U.S.A. Distilled 6x from GMO free organic Sweet Corn. a true sipping vodka with no additives, giving us a crisp, clean, smooth finish that you can easily drink chilled or mixed in your favorite cocktail.


All Natural, Non-GMO Ingredients
Certified Gluten Free
Made With 100% American Sweet Organic Corn
Bottled and Produced In The USA
Crisp, Clean, and Silky Smooth


All American vodka produced and bottled in the USA.
Our thorough distillation process combined with sweet organic corn, gives FIFTY STATES its unique and refreshing taste.
Our vodka is 6X distilled and Multi-Filtered using Deionized Water.
Charcoal filtered, kosher ingredients, and 100% gluten free.
Everything from the signature FIFTY STATES glass bottle to the organic sweet corn, are sourced from United States companies.
The award-winning design is sure to stand out on any shelf and is the perfect bottle for conversation and UNITY.
This Family owned brand was designed so you could recognize the product was proudly made in America.

40% ABV (80 Proof) 750 M L