Tree Hugger

Sizes: 750 ML

Tree Hugger Organic Wines

  • Made from certified organically grown grapes. Grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers
  • We use non-painted, screw-top capsules from recycled aluminum
  • Our cartons are made from recycled cardboard and printed with wax-based inks that contain no toxic chemicals
    Bottles are made from recycled glass
  • Better for our planet AND therefore, better for you, the wine drinker

Many of the varieties available include;

* White Sangria

Who says Sangria has to be red?! Perfect for warmer weather, this thirst-quencher has lemon-lime flavors that meld into light tangerine and flavors of navel oranges. Backyard party? You betcha! Or enjoy with picnics from the mountains to the beaches. Warning: hugging palm trees can be scratchy.

* Red Sangria

Less sweet and more intense than most bottled Sangrias, TreeHugger has a true balance of wine and fruit that even appeals to wine snobs. You know who we’re talking about! Picture Thurston Howell (the third) saying “Oh my, I only drink Napa Cabs!” Yeah, whatever. He’ll like it, too, but won’t tell you. Until he comes back for a second glass. Cheers!

* Pinot Grigio / Grillo

Bouquet of lime with a hint of pear and wildflowers. Flavors of lime, dried peaches, and honeydew. It has a crisp, citrusy finish with ruby red grapefruit and refreshing minerality. Perfect Pinot Grigio gets a bit more body and flavors from the Grillo grape.

* Nero d’Avola

Aromas of black cherry, dark plum and hints of cocoa give way to lush flavors of red and black berries with silky tannins. The finish is long and smooth with a dense, earthy, red cherry core and subtle notes of toasted oak. A classic Sicilian red wine!