Southern Tier Pumpking Whiskey

750 ML

Beautiful vanilla and leather-scented, deep golden brown bourbon. Smooth caramel and oak, lingering like the last light of day on the waters of nearby Lake Chautauqua. We love our bourbon and we bet you will too. Perfectly aged in air-dried Canton Spirit white oak barrels with a #4 char.

Technical notes

With the Distillery being housed where the original Southern Tier Brewery was our history runs deep within our walls. Our small batch spirits are unparalleled and held to the highest of standards. Because it’s not just the time we put into our spirits that makes us unique, it’s the grain, the passion and the thought as well. Committed to being a farm to glass distillery, we pride ourselves in using nothing but the best, local ingredients in our spirits. When you pick up a bottle of Southern Tier (if you can pick just one) you’re guaranteed to receive the finest product we make until the very last drop. All of our products are distilled and packaged by hand by our distilling artisans.

The Beginning
Our GROWTH. In October 2015, Southern Tier Distillery was granted our New York State Farm Distiller’s License. Since that day we have been working to not just make one outstanding spirit, but numerous spirits to satisfy the tastes of many. Committed to being a farm to glass distillery, almost 90% of what goes into our products comes from local farms.

With our tasting room opening in August 2015, we were able to tease our customers with samples of each of our spirits. After getting an incredible reaction we knew we needed to do more and we needed to do it quick. Playing off Southern Tier Brewery’s The Empty Pint, soon the distillery’s The Empty Bottle was created. We began serving handmade cocktails following our guidelines of farm to glass. Original cocktails recipes were created with fresh squeezed juices, Southern Tier spirits, and old faithful, our taste buds.

Ever ONWARD. With word getting out that Southern Tier had created a distillery and was now selling spirits, the orders came flowing in! We soon were distributing to local counties within a few short months of opening and our growth continues. We are adding new territories in 2017 including all of New York State.